20 Signs Of Unspoken Attraction Between Coworkers

20 Signs Of Unspoken Attraction Between Coworkers

Unspoken attraction between coworkers is a common phenomenon that can have both positive and negative consequences in the workplace. It’s important to remember that it’s never appropriate to pursue romantic or sexual attraction towards a coworker, as this can lead to uncomfortable and potentially damaging situations.

It’s best to focus on building professional relationships and maintaining a respectful workplace environment. If strong feelings develop, it’s important to handle them responsibly and avoid behaving in ways that could be perceived as inappropriate or in violation of workplace policies.

Signs Of Unspoken Attraction Between Coworkers

It’s important to approach attraction between coworkers with caution, as it can potentially lead to inappropriate situations or conflicts of interest in the workplace. However, here are 20 potential signs of unspoken attraction between coworkers:

  1. Prolonged eye contact and lingering looks.
  2. Finding reasons to walk by or be near each other’s workspace.
  3. Engaging in excessive small talk or finding excuses to start conversations.
  4. Laughter that seems a bit too enthusiastic or forced during interactions.
  5. Playful teasing or inside jokes that only the two of them seem to share.
  6. Dressing up more than usual when you know you’ll be around that coworker.
  7. Standing or sitting a bit too close during meetings or conversations.
  8. Nervousness, fidgeting, or blushing when interacting with that person.
  9. Mirroring each other’s body language or speech patterns.
  10. Finding ways to offer compliments or praise each other’s work.
  11. Exaggerated smiling or animated facial expressions when conversing.
  12. Staying late or coming in early when you know that coworker will be there.
  13. Frequently checking your appearance before interacting with them.
  14. Defending or speaking highly of them to other coworkers.
  15. Making an effort to make physical contact, like touching an arm or back.
  16. Remembering small details about the other person’s life or interests.
  17. Engaging in deeper or more personal conversations than usual.
  18. Frequently seeking their opinion or advice on work or personal matters.
  19. Finding yourselves alone together more often than would be expected.
  20. Sexual tension or awkward energy when you’re in close proximity.


Here are some additional details on signs of unspoken attraction between coworkers:

Body Language Cues:

– Increasing physical proximity or orienting bodies toward each other

– Playing with hair, jewelry or fidgeting when talking to the other person

– Feet pointing toward each other during conversations

– Exaggerated nodding or overactive gestures to maintain engagement

– Making frequent excuses for physical contact like a hand on arm/back


Environmental/Situational Signs:

– Consistently arriving early/staying late to overlap with the other’s schedule

– Finding reasons to be in the same meetings, even if not strictly necessary

– Going out of their way to walk by or visit each other’s workspace

– Making eye contact across rooms and monitoring the other’s whereabouts

– Exchanging meaningful looks or smiles when others are not paying attention


Communication Patterns:

– Excessive messaging, emailing or calling, even about non-work topics

– Using more playful, flirtatious language or tones with each other

– An inside joke “language” that only the two of them seem to understand

– Finding reasons to discuss personal topics or share intimate details

– Overexaggerating good traits about the other to coworkers


Grooming/Appearance Changes:

– Noticeable increases in primping, new clothing or changed grooming habits

– Wearing items of clothing, colors or styles the other has complimented

– Making more of an effort with appearance on days they’ll interact

– Subtle preening or self-grooming behaviors around the other person

– Using more flattering poses, posture or stances around the attractive coworker



– Giving thoughtful cards, treats, gifts for holidays/birthdays

– Offering to help out in ways that go above normal coworker duties

– Finding reasons to work closely together on projects/tasks

– Making special exceptions, allowances or overlooking issues for that person


While innocent enough individually, a pattern of multiple cues could indicate at least one person harbors an unspoken attraction they may or may not act on. It’s important to be aware of the situation and keep things professional.

These signs don’t necessarily mean an attraction is reciprocated or that either party intends to act on it. Workplace attractions should be handled delicately to avoid conflicts of interest or harassment issues.

If you’re interested in pursuing a coworker romantically, it’s best to transfer departments or leave the company first.